Ted the Toad LIVES! 

Not quite ready to pick back up on my blogging as I’ve shamefully been absent from here for more time than I care to say out loud, however today I felt compelled to share the fact that Ted lives… 

Teddy is an American Fowlers Toad which are native to this part of Sacramento where I live. I found Ted near death and mangled from an encounter with a lawnmower and or weed wacker from what I could tell.  When Ted and I first met I knew less than zero about amphibians however Ted’s taught me a lot and one day I’d like to document and share the first hand knowledge I’ve gained over the past going on 2 years now  while caring for him and the pack.

Why? Because there isn’t enough information out there to help anyone who wants to help, raise or rescue this uniquely beautiful creature. However now isn’t the time for this so onto the update.

I’m pleased to report that Teddy boy has made a 100% recovery and is full of piss and vinegar in the most adorable way 😉 

A lot has changed since I last wrote and Ted the single toad now has a family. There are 5 Fowlers Toads now which comprise this beloved toad-pack and each one is unique with their own personality and spirit. 

This beloved pack of rescues came from my home and were located from the front and back yards as well as found inside the garage if you can believe that. 

Starting from first to last here goes their names which were of course selected by none other than yours truly:


June Bug


Xtra-toe ( yes, he has an extra toe )


I have uploaded a short video of Ted as of this morning for your viewing pleasure. He dislikes strongly being handled by humans which will be evident in the video. Ted just finished eating 3 superworms all on his own and no longer requires force feeding.  Thanks for watching and hope to be back soon 😉
P.S. No toads were harmed in the making of this video. Ted’s simply pissed and is expressing himself. ❤️



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