Update: Ted the Toad 24 + hours later…

I’m happy to report that Ted has made it through his first night in rehab.Dehydration and Toads


This time yesterday and more than 24 hours later Ted was discovered more than half dead, severely dehydrated and jacked up from multiple wounds to his head and back.  By me while potty-breaking our pack of 4 pups.

After a thorough cleaning and examination, topical applications of triple antibiotic ointment to his affected areas and re-hydration Ted looks fantastic!

He needs more meat on his bones.

Fat and sassiness to be more exact however I held off on feeding him yesterday as I felt hydration was most important at the time.

If he made it through the night I’d deal with feeding him tomorrow which is now today.

The reality of “feeding” Ted took on a whole new meaning for me as I’ve since realized he requires his food alive.

I am horrified at this reality check however I’ve got Ted now and he’s a fighter and still with us so I just returned from the local Petsmart where Sarah a seasoned amphibian guardian gave me some priceless Frog & Toad education 101.

Today we are starting Ted off with 2 medium sized live crickets.

I am horrifically disturbed with this brutal knowledge but what else can I do?

Options? Yes I have

them and none of the other ones are suitable for me so now I’ve got to deal with the karmic repercussions of my decision.

A life for a life.

It’s horrible and now has opened up all sorts of additional life concerns and queries I will be drowning my soul & mind in as the days continue to pass…

Back to Ted.

Google wasn’t kidding when it said that a frogs & toads skin heals quite fast.

His toad-scab is softening yet still intact due to the over application of antibiotic ointment I apply twice daily to his wounds. I’ve also learned something. Ted gets cold.

When Ted gets cold he doesn’t move very much and seems uncomfortable just like I do. My feet and hands are in a constant state of freeze in this bloody weather lately.

I’ve noticed that when I’ve added a towel or two to the top and bottom of his rehab den he warms up and looks so much more comfortable. That and I take him outdoors with me multiple times a day so he can get some fresh air and gently filtered not too hot sun…

This time yesterday Ted’s back wound was much larger in size compared to today. The triple antibiotic ointment is doing its job but now Ted needs to eat.

So far it’s been nearly 25 long minutes and Ted Isn’t interested in the two live crickets in his rehab home.

I have the most amazing video I wanted to post in this docu-drama that is “Ted” however it refuses to leave my phone citing its too big; even if it is just 1 minute long.  Jerk phone.

A short video with Ted the Toad  (it won’t open for me but I refuse to give up so the link stands) ughhhh…

Although I was disgusted I also found myself feeling some relief as Sarah quickly showed me how to feed Ted using a tank of 3 Fire Belly Toads at the store as an example.

That poor little crickets feet barely hit the floor before one of the toads handled business.

In this knowledge I felt a pang of relief as Ted needs to eat if he’s truly going to make a full recovery. But I also felt immensely sad for the cricket.

An additional irritation and concern is that I can’t responsibly leave the live food in there with him as they can and will eat on Ted’s body and wounds as they eat ‘meat’ too.

What a cluster F* of events.

After 30 minutes of Ted paying no attention to the crickets what so ever and them crawling on him with me picking them off I decided that was the end of round 1 and removed his future food back into a safe place.

Now I’m worried about Ted and his nutritional status…

I’m exhausted and need a nap now.

Future updates to follow.

Dehydration and Toads

” Ted… Nearly 36 hours after his entry into his temporary rehab sanctuary home. Looking much more spry than when we met each other.”

Jana Leigh Thomas-Ortega

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