How to Easily Increase Your Page Views

Always wondered about this….. When I find some time I’ll be looking into this MailChimp thing lol


#MailchimpHave you heard of many ways to increase your page views?  Are you skeptical of some of them?  Do they sound like gimmicks, perhaps?  Maybe they are just too time-consuming to even consider considering you are trying to navigate life both in and out of the blogosphere.

I heard of many of those ways myself.  When one person suggested it, I was so overwhelmed with learning all that blogging entailed, I was skeptical.  When several people suggested it, I was intrigued.  When someone told me they solely credited their blogging success to it, I was hooked.  The suggestion was to have an Email list.

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2 thoughts on “How to Easily Increase Your Page Views

    • You did a kiCk ass job on this tutorial. See I’d never researched this Chimp thing but have noticed that one of my favorite blogs I subscribe to uses it as I see the Adorable Curious George pic at the bottom of her emails in my box.

      Thanks to your super easy explanation making it fool proof yet explaining the nuts and bolts of its purpose and set-up I finally began to understand its workings without even having to dive into the process myself; just yet lol

      Thank you Janice I really enjoyed how you created this helpful piece 😉


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