Why Are People of Faith Following Me?

Timothy 2:12 She is to keep silent

” This quote right here taken from the Bible is just one of many areas that I find annoying & controlling “.
” It just is what it is & I’m not interested in debating all the possible arguments citing how ‘it’s true meaning is being taken out of context’. I’m not a feminist nor an atheist make no mistake about that I just strongly dislike being discounted & categorized by importance based on my sex alone. “

Once again as I was listening to my favorite Astrologer Zoe Moon blast out the upcoming weeks planetary forecast on her weekly Thursday podcast I heard the chime that I’ve grown to love so much in the wee 3 months since I began blogging.

The WordPress App chime that notifies me that I have either a new follower, a comment or a “like” so as I was scrubbing the caked on foods in the multiple Rubbermaid containers in the kitchen sink from this evenings gutting of the fridge that housed some no longer edible eats that my beyond patient husband cleaned out for me; out of no where I clicked on my new follower to see what they were all about.

I love paying it forward and live for the act actually.

At first their blog post titles really caught my attention as I could relate to the titles alone.

And then it happened.


As I read the words of this new stranger to me yet potential new appreciator of my written word I found myself seriously wanting to follow them back until the overwhelming feeling I’ve grown to recognize all to well quickly came washing over me.

“Oh no….. Another bible thumping Jesus and God following person whose existence & actions or lack there of is defined by repeatedly saying the following words:

“Turn everything; every obstacle, hard decision needing to be made & possibly spoken words needing to be said that life chucks your way over to Jesus & God as he will take care of it all for us”

This isn’t the first time this has happened to me. I haven’t even hit the 100 mark for WordPress followers yet however lately I’ve been noting quite a few Jesus disciples in training liking my posts and following me. I’m not an atheist by any means but I’m also not a bible thumper.

Although some say I’m paranoid I strongly disagree with them. What I do have is a keen eye for the obvious as well as amazing powers of observation for seemingly random acts.

The area in question each time one of Jesus’s disciples in training makes contact with me is this:

Are they trying to save my soul?

Do they think I’m so far on the dark side that they are following me and communicating with me in order to fill the never-ending “to-do” list of souls they must convert & save before their disciple in-training card converts into a full-fledged laminated card with bling bling lanyard to match?

The other option is that this isn’t at all the case and I’m being paranoid.

Another option could be that through me they live vicariously in my sinning ways that Jesus and his father clearly frown upon.

I also suspect that the last option could be that they simply have an open mind, thirst for varying viewpoints and have respect for fellow humans expressing themselves in written word across the board-game-of-life like I do…

Honestly I just don’t know what to make of it all so I’ll just be grateful for the acknowledgements that some of my ramblings plastered online receive and continue with what I’m most acclimated to & stick with just being me:

Wondering about & dissecting the little bits of all of the potential reasons as to the why these people keep following me sprinkled with a dash of paranoia for good measure just to keep it all in a healthy rational balance.

Jana Leigh Thomas-Ortega

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