The Zodiac Signs

Boy…. She did a very thorough job making each signs descriptions very absorbable. I love it!


This post will be a overview of the different Zodiac signs. Everyone is so much more than their one zodiac sign, which is known in astrology as the Sun Sign. This is why so many people can look at their zodiac sign, and go “Hey, that’s not really me”. A chart will have the influence of every zodiac sign within the houses, or different areas of their life represented by these houses. They also have 9 other planets or luminaries which play in to the personality. Just like a person has multiple layers and faces they show based on whether they are around friends or at work, the astrology chart has many different aspects to it, to paint a picture of the person as a WHOLE, not just the Ego and Identity displayed within the Sun Sign.



Aries marks the beginning of the Zodiac Wheel, symbolizing spring and the…

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