Standing Up. Why It’s Important.

When walking through the ‘valley of shadows,’ remember, a shadow is cast by a Light…

Wolf howing at the moon in the shadows


One of the many reasons why I don’t have very many people I call friends is due to the fact that far too many humans lack an intact and erect spine.

That & as many lie. Lie as long as the day is long both to themselves & to us.

That and many have more excuses for why their life isn’t as amazingly drama-less & fulfilling as they would like it to be yet take a less than passive role in their own shit-storm of what they call their life.

That and their overall moral fortitude & character suck. Really really sucks so much so that anyone that knows them will never ever call upon them in a bind.

Having said all of this the reason I do not have many real friends is that my tolerance for all of the above personal choices which also includes shallowness in fellow humans leaves me where I am currently at and have resided my entire life: Surrounded by me, myself and I and a slew of rescued beloved creatures as well as a handful of people I deem trustworthy and in possession of an intact soul.

Some have four legs and some have two as well as a handful of humans who tolerate me & despite my best efforts at shooing them away are still there for me & I for them always ready for the next challenge and get together.

This last reality boggles my mind more than any of the other stuff previously mentioned as I just don’t understand it.

As I type this and have just lived through a day in which I received and made more phone calls & emails that I could have seen coming I’m reminded of why I am on the path that I am.

The lonely path but a path that during these high moments is more rewarding that not.

I speak up.

I stand-up.

I have for as long as I can remember.

At one time I didn’t and I vividly remember the shame, disappointment and self-loathing taste in my mouth my weakness & fear left me with and it sickened me.

That taste sickened me more than the fear of standing up & speaking my mind did.

So one day as a much younger person I changed.

I was once that kid on the playground who would see the kid being picked on, bullied, beaten down and left out.

I was that little girl who was skinny as a stick yet tall for my age and gangly yet wiry and fast as hell as I could run like the wind and would intervene standing up to the offender making them back off even if it did mean punching the offending boys and on rare occasions girls, knocking them down or just verbally standing up for the kid in need leaving the harasser to walk away; one way or the other…

I too was once that kid and I don’t recall anyone ever standing up for me until I stood up for myself; and then protected others…

I’m now coming up on number 44.

Still have no idea how in the hell that happened yet here I am and my internal wiring for speaking up and standing up for the morally intact thing even if alone while doing so; fighting for what’s right when others cower down has only grown over the years.

Today I fielded many communications from multiple ongoing battles I have in place and it left me realizing when I unknowingly began this war of right from wrong that it would take nearly as long to see the buds in the fruits of my labor. I simply stood up and voiced the reality then backed it up with proof.

The same things I saw & heard were also witnessed by others and long before my arrival yet they all intentionally chose the path of voluntary blindness & to be voluntary mute.

It’s far from over but it’s days like these when the shimmer of retribution & affirmation for taking the rougher road less traveled verses the deceivingly apparently smooth one followed by the masses that makes me reflect on it all and know that I’m alright just the way I am…

In the end it’s my soul that I keep at the forefront of all my decisions in life. This life that we all think to be our reality is just one drop of water within the entire ocean.

If I can manage to keep it intact, alive and breathing knowing in the end I stood up for the right thing then I can handle the lonely road as I’d rather walk it alone or with the few who I can trust & respect then with the masses with whom I’m always looking over my shoulder aware of their exact location preemptively predicting their next fall & strike…

Those who choose to remain silent while watching acts of injustice no matter how perceivably small?

Each and every time a person remains mute when they could & should speak up kills the world & humanity one act at a time.

It’s a test.  Yet so very many fail to see how much power they have to make a positive difference in this reality all housed within their own actions and words; the same power grows only feeding the darkness when actions & words aren’t released out into the air but choked down instead.

Well the world as we know it got this way because of you. Such a simple act immobility is yet when amplified by the masses returns the current world as we know it yet these same people bitch about this world wondering how we came to this place and time…

Ever said to yourself:   “I should have said something!?”

If so we know which one you are.

Which one would you rather be?


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