The Weekend Vibe ~ 21/22 February 2015

Jewel Starlight ~ Astrologer

Mars is free!  Yes, Mars has finally moved out of the uncomfortable (for him) Water sign of Pisces and into his own sign that he rules, Fire Cardinal Aries.  Think about it.  Fire and Water.. Water nearly always wins so it’s like he’s been smoldering underwater for an eternity and has suddenly found the opportunity to jump on dry land.  Eureka!  Mars couldn’t be happier and to kick start his freedom he is almost immediately in Trine to Saturn in Sagittarius.  This is friendly fire for Mars as Saturn will help to structure his exuberant energy into something that will actually mean more than a cowboy wildly shooting off bullets into the sky.

On the other hand, we have the Sun in Square to Saturn, but not quite.  The energy is there and building so take note of your work and hidden issues that need addressing.  They will be forced into…

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