The Chronicles of Ted the Toad: Day 17. WTH?

I owe todays update on Ted our beloved rehabbing wild-ass Toad to one of my long standing friends; Mrs. Tina Levrant-Delgado as a few hours ago I received a notice from my iPhone via the Facebook app that she had commented on one of my FB posts which detailed Ted’s progress on an unknown day as I had lost count at the time of its creation…

I suspected it was on some picture I’d just put up but to my surprise she was commenting on the February 11, 2015 post on Ted’s recovery process which prompted me to do something I’d forgotten to do: Compare pictures from Day 1 with todays shots of Teddy.

It’s ridiculously lame of me really to have not have done this sooner as in my nursing career spanning the past 10+ years that is the ONE thing I know to do. 

Compare before, during and after pictures of the patients within my charge as it’s truly the only way to see the progress or regression if any that the patient is undergoing or isn’t.

I’d lost track of the days since Ted entered into our lives and after I saw Tina’s encouraging & remindful post I immediately realized thanks to that post which day we were all on which is day 17.  How in the living hell did that happen?

How could Teddy have been with us nearly 3 weeks already?  The time has gone ridiculously fast but the great news is that instead of me simply stating Ted’s progress as good, bad or otherwise I decided just now to grab one of his very first pictures and a picture taken just 2 hours ago as Ted was sleeping in his Plexiglas rehab home which is officially stationed in our master bathroom countertop and a huge part of why he’s doing so smashing in his recovery. 

His environment. Ever since we moved him into the house from the garage he officially began recuperating. The addition of the warmth of the air inside coupled with the moisture that becomes available during and after each of our baths and showers has proven to be extremely therapeutic for Ted.

Today’s pic is a before and after collage and I owe all the credit for the awesome little white arrows to Miguel as he installed them for me onto it as all I could do with my IT challenged self was to use some app on my phone to put a frame around it.

However the frame idea is rather fitting since it is a ‘construction’ or as we call it: Re-Construction theme which is precisely what Ted is going thru.

Treating an injured wild Fowler's Toad, California

“Before: Day 1-2 of Ted’s Rehab= LEFT Side
After: Day 17 which happens to be today of Ted’s progress= RIGHT sided picture”

Now onto these two pictures above of Teddy, the one on the left side was taken on February 2nd or 3rd of this year which was day 1 or 2 of his entry into the beloved Ortega-Thomas Sanctuary Rehab Center 😉 hehe, The picture on the Right was taken just a couple of hours ago this evening.

The entire solid black area on Ted’s head and back I’d later realize was dead rotting tissue which had to be removed.

The arrow pointing towards Ted right eyeball shows the eschar (dead rotting tissue and in Ted’s situation a Toad-Scab already in-place upon his discovery & had served it’s purpose & needed to come off if he was going to continue his recovery process) as well as the open wound present. Tthe picture on the right shows how much progress Ted has made in his regenerative process. Aka: Ted is one bad mother F’er.

The second arrow on the picture to the left is of Ted’s heinous back and head wound which we would learn was twice the size of what I thought it was upon discovery only be much larger once the eschar began to slough off and I finally debrided it; that was a very stressful night and few days to follow for both me, Ted and Miguel as it proved to be extremely painful and send him into a ‘shocky’ phase for a few days.

Due to his bad-ass self however and me and Miguel’s ever watchful ways he pulled through & well; he’s just amazing and has one hell of a will-to-live even if he is stubborn as hell and still has to be force fed daily; we will deal with that situation down the road.

Thank you lord for the guitar pick and the Google search which led me to the process of force feeding. Scared me to death when I studied the process but when faced with the life-or-death situation of him refusing to eat and knowing he needs to coupled with me choosing to suck it up and just do it closing with learning Ted’s ‘ways’; we 3 have become one hell of a team. 4 actually since Ajani is in charge of warming the triple antibiotic ointment up using her own body temp prior to me applying it to Ted’s much cooler body.

Both of the surrounding areas of Ted’s eyeballs were raw painful meaty areas both when I found him and once I debrided the eschar from him however thanks to my friend Tina tonight; I pulled up his original pics and compared them to tonight and the differences are shocking to me. I was feeling rather frustrated with the speed of his recovery however I forgot to use my honed skillsets in picture comparison until tonight; gave me just the boost I needed to realize how good we are all doing as a team.

He also up until 3 days ago was having trouble with his left then his right eye due to the wounds directly above them both and the fact that all the skin was completely missing when I found him however in the past 3 days it has developed an additional layer of tissue due to regeneration and he now opens and closes his eyes normally.

Lastly the arrow in the left picture; the one that’s pointing to Ted’s back wound would end up being twice the size once the eschar came off and his shoulder blade bone was clearly visible especially when he’d ambulate and move his front arms not to mention how feisty he gets when it is time to eat however after comparing these shots and watching him daily it’s evident that his muscle and inner tissues have regenerated and now cover the scapular bone which no longer protrudes up and outside of his body and muscle 😉

SCORE 1 for Ted and the Honey Badger Rehab Team which he has now officially joined

Ted is currently eating once a day.  I tried to advance him to twice daily a week ago however he really didn’t appreciate it and it agitated him more than helped him plus he made it nearly impossible to get the second feeding into him and I won’t risk aspiration so now we’ve restrategized and have beefed up his once a day morning feeding with the biggest cricket I can buy and the most amazingly honmegrown nightcrawler worm from my homegrown compost patch.  Supplemented with a calcium and Vitamin D3 supplement to keep his bones safe and healthy.

"Teddy on Day 15 of his recovery... Outside sunning with Me and tolerating my camera action ;) "

“Teddy on Day 15 of his recovery; 2 days ago… Outside sunning with Me hovering within inches as I never leave him alone unattended and vulnerable in his current state. He tolerates me & my camera action 😉 “

His muscle is regenerating which is why it is raised and protruding above. That and the antibiotic ointment which stays on it round the clock gives it its additional raised appearance.

The question now:  Will the skin regrow and if so or not; will the wound be able to close completely once healed? Time alone will tell.

Ted also gets anywhere from 40 minutes to 1 hour of sun a day; partially shaded and with his water bowl ever-present so he can remove himself from the sun as he needs as without the sun he wouldn’t be able to actually absorb the D3 he’s getting in his feedings.

These pics especially the current have Ted’s wounds slathered in triple antibiotic ointment which I remove daily during his distilled water bath immediately following his morning feeding then pat him dry with sterile gauze and reapply the ointment. 

Bacteria and fungi are naturally airborne and for those with intact skin it’s not so much an issue but with an open wound it’s a magnet for a super infection that could be Ted’s demise. Plus he needs all the help he can get re-growing the tissue he’s lost.

" Teddy. Day 15 of 17 so far while he & I are outside sunning... This is his "STEP OFF!!!" look to me as he's hiding behind his handtowel within his enclosed area."

” Teddy. Day 15 of 17 so far while he & I are outside sunning… This is his “STEP OFF!!!  YOU DON”T WANT NONE OF THIS!!!” look to me as he’s hiding behind his clean hand towel within his enclosed area while I take his picture.”

I’ve noticed recently too with the continued research that I do to learn about how to care for Teddy that his sole protective anatomy appears to have been destroyed during whatever it was that left him in this less than intact state when he and I first met each other: 

His Parotid Glands appear to be missing.

They would be located directly behind his eyes and down on his back in the same areas his injuries have occurred; on his posterior area which are now healing.  Without them he is defenseless. They hold the liquid toxin toads excrete when threatened causing the predator to either walk away from them or release them once picked up.  

We shall also discuss this as Ted continues to heal as I won’t release a defenseless creature back into the wild yet really want him to return to his Toad family outback where they can been seen daily and nightly as if to let me know they are aware of his presence and my charge over him… Jana Leigh Thomas-Ortega


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