Today We Took a Surprise Trip to Maui

I just got back from a trip to Maui with our 11-year-old Taurus daughter.

I wasn’t even expecting the trip actually as I was knee-deep in my ‘reward’ of gardening after a 3+ hour back and neck breaking “Spring is Here!” Doggie shave-a-thon with our two disgustingly overgrown and miserable poodle-mixes as they silently screamed at me shooting me dirty looks to please shave off their winter coats as I could barely see their beautiful deep brown & hazel eyes through the fur now covering them.

It’s a labor of love really; shaving and grooming them myself yet I refuse at this stage of the game to take them to a groomer when I am fully capable of doing the job myself.

Training? Oh hell yes! I have more than 20 years of self-trained experience at manicuring our pups. And one bad-ass industrial sized Oster brand animal clipper set that’s still going strong nearly 20 years later 😉

Still dislike the process but the rewards after the hours long mission which includes a bath from hell is completed = Priceless.

As I enjoyed my rewards and was watering the 4 gazillion potted plants also screaming at me for a drink and the poodles were now sound asleep happy once again sans their winter fur coats basking in the sun drying off, our 11-year-old comes be-boping out of the garage announcing she’s in Hawaii.

Dressed to the 9’s in vibrantly colored fabric flower leis she found in the garage while rummaging.

In hand were some plastic pineapples too she managed to find within the box of vintage luau decorations I’ve been dragging around for nearly 2 decades.

I started thinking about the last time I was in Maui realizing it’s been a good 15 years if not more as I watered the plants realizing she was right.

We all need a vacation!


Realizing she didn’t have a swimsuit yet for this season her and her father excitedly headed down to the local Hawaiian Swimshop which just happened to be our local Target.

As they headed out to the local surf shop I ran inside our Hawaiian Cabana and threw on one of my own bikini’s, headed out back & continued watering all my tropical plants that had been begging for a drink for days now…

They returned lickety split her with 3 new swim suits and sporting her choice of the day her new rainbow colored 2-piece pointing to her favorite part of it as she announced it: A “Swirly” cover-up turquoise skirt as she twisted her body from side to side to demonstrate it’s swirliness…

Looking blissfully happy with a toothy grin from ear to ear and donning her Hawaiian leis she announced she’d be taking a dip in the ocean and headed out past me.

Before I knew it I found her under a wave asking me to help her figure out how she could get out from under it without getting soaked as she had managed to find her way in remaining mostly dry but was stuck in an exit strategy as she hovered close to the sprinkler and the canopy of air just above it where the water was spraying overhead barely missing her.

I suggested she turn her surf board the plastic bird bath saucer she’d been using as a shield and face the sprinkler using it as a shield and back out from the sprinkler I mean wave.

It worked beautifully as she danced around thrilled at the fact that she had managed to escape the insurmountable wave threatening to take her out to sea…

She continued to play in the ocean, sand and sea shells for hours in our Hawaiian vacation spot until finally tiring and moving over to her beach towel laid out on the warm soft sand to rest and dry off…

I realized it had been hours since we’d all eaten so I headed into our luxurious Maui Cabana and whipped up an eclectic platter of thinly sliced deli meats, cheeses, jalapeño slices, freshly peeled & sliced carrot sticks and spicy ranch dip carrying it out up on my shoulder just like a Cabana Girl would.

No sooner did I sit it down on the beach-side table when her and her father descended upon it nearly clearing it of its previous bountiful appearance.

As I watched them both shoveling the eats into their faces and chatting about their day at the beach and how much they were enjoying the long overdue family holiday together a smile crept into my face as I realize this is what life is all about.

Today we took a round-trip from California to the Hawaiian Island of Maui and did so for the price of 3 kid-sized swimsuits.  Well 3 kid-sized swimsuits and the priceless gift of the two adults in this child’s presence intentionally unlatching the unconscious lock on their playful imagination allowing it to flow freely transporting them into the same realm as the child’s…

We also dodged the jet-lag and the ridiculous airline regulations & hassles that have come to be.

The unforgettable family vacation never would have happened had our 11 year-old not have conjured up within her wickedly delightful imagination our destination…

I wonder where she’s taking us on the next trip?



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