Painted Toes

Once upon a time there was a girl who lovingly painted & manicured her toes & feet every 2 weeks like clockwork.

Never buying into the paid pedicures like many do she preferred to perform her own pamperings within the confines of her own home…

This self polishing woman had done this biweekly ritual for as long as she could recall. Learning it from her grandmother who did the same.

Dating far back into her much younger years in life now fallen by the wayside…

It became an unconscious act really, as each time she’d glance downward at her long lanky sculptured size 10’s & realize that it had nearly been 2 weeks since her last session she’d take herself immediately to her private one-woman home salon to correct the situation.

She enjoyed the act you know.

She deeply did…

One day something changed within her and all of the self-induced acts of self-love she somehow forgot to do…

Nearly a year would pass and she’d look at herself in the mirror one evening after her bath as she gently dried herself unable to recognize the reflection staring back at her…

She looked inquisitively at the creature before her wondering where the eternally playful one had run off to for standing before her now was a woman unfamiliar.

She glanced down at her feet which were still uniquely beautiful yet so plain and lonely having not changed much over the years and then at her toes…

Sadness came over her as she remembered the years past in which she would look at them with pride in their simplistic yet well maintained appearance wondering how she forgot to do that.


Tears streamed down her face as she stood there in awe of how something so simply & innately done over the majority of her lifetime could one day vanish as if it never existed…

She underestimated the simplistic acts that her own self-induced self-love and respect provided her.

It has the ability to feed a soul one act at a time yet starve the same soul when forgotton…

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