Kitty Litter. Love it or Hate It?

It’s 23:08 on my pacific standard time and as usual and customary I’m exhausted yet my body and mind won’t allow me to rest.

What needs to be done?

Make that sugar-free coffee cake for the man as he has a sweet tooth that won’t quit plus it makes him quite happy…

Goes back to the unspoken rules of love & appreciation. The way to a good mans heart is through his stomach.

That and amazing sex. Mom won’t tell you part 2 of the secret… But it stands as food will only go so far.

Squeeze in moments of my new favorite Netflix series Hemlock Grove as often as possible but not more than 20 minutes in between pauses so that I can keep up with my chores…

So while the coffee cake is baking the dreaded litter box came to mind.

Passed it twice today telling myself multiple times to gut it; bleach it and install a new 42 pound bag of clumping litter into it.

Now why I didn’t do this prior to my hot soak in the tub today which ex sponged the lifely soot of the days trappings I will never know yet I did.

20 minutes into the three beasts box; Tiny, Whitey & Sylvester, copious amounts of scalding hot tap water and bleach + elbow grease later & it’s now dried and ready to install back into their room.

I spot Whitey in an odd position inside the area of the closet where their box resides and before I can turn back around to fill the sparkling litter box with fresh fill there she is squatting in it sans clumping litter.

Litter boxes are a love/hate sort of thing for me…

Thoroughly disgusted I restarted the cleaning process all over again as well as mumbled multiple cursing words outloud. The cats don’t even give me the satisfaction of looking scared or offended by my verbal assault only further adding to my disgust…

It’s a game for her you know… She saw me well in advance preparing to gut it while she played coyishly to my side with her favorite red bell ball adorned with its fluffy white feather.

Looking back now she baited me. She knew the entire time she needed to use it and decided she’d wait until later when the fresh litter was present.

It’s at times like these that I wish I didn’t have to clean boxes. Yet that statement then leads me to the only other two options: My beloveds are no longer here having crossed over to the other side as they do have souls despite what some choose to swallow or they are outdoors felines.

Nope I’m entirely too protective and paranoid.

Both realities snapped me back to Whitey’s action tonight and it’s at this time that I am so grateful for their presence and daily gifts they give to me just by sharing time and space with me that Whitey’s jerk of an action tonight rolled off me…

Tomorrow I’ll tackle Mama Cats 1 cat-woman cat box…

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