The Chronicles of Ted: Day 5


Today is day #5 since he’s entered into our lives.

This post is a compilation of the past 2 days & Ted’s progress in Toad Rehab:

Toads love the rain

“Day 4 & It’s Raining! Ted & Mum outback in the rain & on the grass for his exercise of the day…”

Yesterday Ted and I survived & thrived in our very first outing together in which he bathed in the rain, hopping blissfully through the wet grass as I uber closely shadowed him not to be confused with smothering him while he was allowed to be a toad today and not the injured and overly protected patient currently in my care.

We managed to do all of this yesterday and escape back into the safety of the house unscathed afterwards.

Ted tired from his exercise and me tired from the mental preparation I expended in psyching myself up and talking myself down from the ledge of all the potential dangers lurking in the yard that could possibly kill him.

Rehabbing a Wild Toad

” Ted with his mouth open… Wish he’d do this for us during his feedings but no dice…”

My imagination has always been a blessing to me over the years however it has a dangerous side too.

That dangerous side can very easily render me paralyzed in the unknown fears and what if’s of all that can possibly go wrong.

Like yesterday. In preparation for our outing just one possible horrifically horrible threat to Ted was birds.

What if a bird swooped down and snatched Ted up flying away with him and eating him and it happened so fast I wouldn’t even see it coming.

How could I live with that guilt?

Another potential catastrophe was what if I accidently stepped on Ted killing or hurting him immensley?

The list goes on and on an it’s really ridiculous.

I know this but these potential occurrences really could happen.

They didn’t. But they could

I chose to be preemptive in as many areas & things in life as possible.

Some people tell me I’m over protective, ananly retentive, paranoid and worrisome.

While this may be true I’ve also noted that in my preemptive state our family tends to dodge more bullets & disasters than most. Not arrogant just statistically sound data and outcomes based on real life occurrences.

Shit happens no matter what but my system works for me.

This then made me wonder how humans & animals intentionally procreate and or adopt kids knowing full well all the unexpected shit that could happen to their beloved youngings.

This is just one reason why I chose to not have kids early on in life; amongst others but this was one of the reasons.

It’s a good thing others don’t share these same concerns so strongly as I do or the world as we know it would eventually cease to exist as procreation would stop based on fear driven “what if’s” which if not kept in check stand to trap a person in a self-made prison.

I really got off track here so back to the good times with Ted today.

Today is Saturday.

Today Teddy has eaten his first meal of the day & will have a second one much later tonight spaced about 12 hours apart.

Miguel has cracked Ted’s code and has figured out exactly how Ted rolls and how to get the food into his mouth with zero trauma.

Guitar pick & a toothpick + Patience = Who would have guessed.

As I type this I’m crouched down on the cool concrete in the back patio right next to Ted who is in his enclosure soaking up what’s left of the suns rays today as he didn’t get any sun yet steady due to the non stop rain…

I have some really awesome short videos of Ted jumping all over the grass in the rain yesterday however I can’t seem to get them from my phone to the computer so still pics it is.

In a nutshell here’s the major progress Ted’s made in the past 48 hours:

1. Pooped. Yes Ted finally took a dump sometime after his 8pm feeding last night as I found it this morning as I greeted him to start the day.  First turd in 5 days.  Houston we have lift off!
It’s normal, healthy & tells me his bowels function. Whew!  One concern down…

2. The huge scab covering his head and partial neck has been debrided and removed by me today revealing healthy tissue underneath.  Some of the newly revealed tissue is already his new skin no longer revealing the raw flesh that once was; others revealed healthy reddish pink flesh; indicative of active blood flow: Live tissue.

Now I didn’t see this next discovery coming as I thought it was a great sign that Ted had this toad scab indicative of healing.

However by a sure serendipitous sign, part of it came loose in my hand today as we were feeding him this morning. Immediately after I stopped cursing the occurrence being sure it was only going to slow his progress of healing I smelt it.

Like everything I immediately held it up to my nose and inhaled.

I know gross right? Actually no; the choice to do so is remarkably intelligent and scientific.

Here’s why: Only by smelling it was I able to learn that the apparently healthy scab wasn’t healthy at all & was in fact decayed & rotting.

For all intents & purposes we all possess 6 senses not just the 5 that scientifically inclined individuals seem to insist is all that there is.  I use all of mine and in doing so it serves me well.

I never would have known this had I not have smelled it. I had been relying on my eyes as a new-amphibian rehabber assumed that the scab was going to be a permanent part of Ted’s recovery.

In smelling it, that all too familiar odor I’ve known before came back to me as over the years of working with and treating human patients with ongoing wounds in all stages I knew what needed to be done: Remove it all and cleanse the area. Re-medicating with antibiotic ointment.

The scab was a temporary part of his multiple injuries which have left him devoid of his protective skin in certain areas making his muscle and bone clearly visible.

By me applying the triple antibiotic ointment to his scab already in place when I found him it managed to soften this dead useless sloth allowing his body to shed it revealing healthy tissue beneath it.

Albeit this new healthy skin is raw his body is healing itself as there is clear granulation of the tissues aka: Wounds are doing what they are supposed to be doing: Rebuilding healthy tissue from the inside out not the outside in. Just the way we want it 😉

3. Appetite: Ted’s eating and now pooping. Huge positives in any living creatures recovery.

He still won’t eat on his own but that is par for this course. As of last nights feeding he’s up to 1 small cricket a day. The more regularly he eats the quicker his body will heal his wounds.

Today is his first day in which he will be starting twice daily feedings as it was important not to flood his body with too much food too fast due to his malnutritioned nature when he was first found.

Did I mention he pooped?

I think this one area here has me the most relieved in addition to the fact that we’ve been able to successfully feed him.

Any parent knows this important carnal survivorship rule:  What goes in must come out.

Our 11 year old is with us this weekend and couldn’t wait to meet Ted. Which she has and I’ve realized how naive she is about so many wild creatures.

Fearful too. See Ajani isn’t my biological child; she is Miguel’s. Without dredging up too much of the past I’ll say that her bio parents have sheltered her entirely too much and in doing so have robbed her of the joys, wonder & beauty in nature. She has been raised in a severely sheltered environment one which didn’t offer exposure to wildlife and nature but instead concrete and domestic creatures only.

Until she met me that is…

On a positive note she just returned from Science Camp and I’m enjoying her stories of natures creatures she met & now has first hand experienced.

Also Ajani hasn’t been taught how to look  and care for wild creatures but she’s interested and she has a gentle nature and spirit.  She is a remarkably loving, nurturing & intuitive kid.

She’s more like her father than any of the other family she has. Well, she & I actually share quite a few kick ass traits between us if the truth be told.

She surprised me and her dad this morning as we sat down to eat our freshly made scrabbled egg cheddar cheese melt and freshly fried bacon breakfast stating “I have an announcement!”

This isn’t like her as she’s usually so reserved then as quick as a blink the whipped out from under her shirt a piece of paper folded in fourths and said: HAPPY VALENTINES DAY!

I’ve enclosed a picture of her card which she says she made this morning before breakfast which includes all 12 of our pack; including Ted.

Children can love Toads too

” Ted gets his official welcome from Ajani our 11 Year old Taurus daughter today…”

I’ve created a new category to chronicle Ted’s adventure for as long as he’s with us as I know the day nears when he will be going back to his toad outdoor family only healthier.  So for now while he’s with us I shall document as much as I can so that I can always look back upon Ted and our time together…

The Chronicles of Ted as you may have or not guessed it came to me from The chronicles of Narnia movies…

I’ve learned something about Ted too now that we’ve celebrated our 5 day anniversary together and that is that healing & therapy comes in all sizes, shapes and forms.

Unbeknownst to me when I found Ted nearly dead in the yard earlier this week and felt I was the only shot he had at life and rehabilitation but what I now see is that he has helped me as much as I’ve helped him if not more.  Ted has taken me out of my own mind and troubles and that energy I spent drowning in the depression and anxiety have to a certain extent been re-channeled into doing right by Ted and rehabbing him with all I’ve got…

Didn’t see that one coming either.

Now.  I’ve got to dash off to the store as Ted needs some fresh food.

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