What I learned about my Blog’s “Stat” feature…

After working on some Blogging 201 homework which encouraged those of us partaking in it to take a break from the fine-tuning of the look & feel of our blogs now that they are supposedly more aesthetic than when we began the free WP 101 course a month ago I became even more frustrated with myself in that my blog looks pretty much the same as when I started it back in late December 2014.

Everything I need in order to design my WordPress blog is right here in front of me yet I have allowed the foreign language found in many of the tutorials to overwhelm me to the point of rendering myself frozen.

A great example is that after reviewing Michelle W.’s “Stats” homework I loved how she was able to insert pictures or screenshots of her statistical data using her own blog as an example.  In her doing this it aided me greatly in my memory recall which sounded like this “Oh! I’ve seen that before! Now where is it again?” only her simplistic directions allowed me go directly to the place where this education would occur both last night and today.

However the only area I haven’t been able to figure out is how to insert pictures of my own blogs stats and that’s once again why I’ve held off on writing this post.

These reasons are precisely why I have fallen so far behind in truly absorbing & mastering WP quite honestly and it’s no ones fault but my own as I tend to be rather stubborn setting a mental picture in my minds eye of how and what I want something to look like so when I am unable to create it I shoot my self in the foot by refusing to do it until I can do it the way I want it.

Therefore today’s homework post will go up but it will be a boring read with no pictures what so ever only statistical data manually entered.  How boring! I’m sorry.

Here’s what I learned within the last 14 hours since first evaluating the Stats area of my beloved baby blog:

√  Traffic.  The traffic to my blog has increased tremendously since its creation in late December  2014  to today.

December 2014:  Views:  69               January 2015:   Views:  362               February 2015:   Views: 78

Visitors:  41                                                 Visitors: 172                                               Visitors:  40

Like’s:  01                                                     Likes:   63                                                   Likes:  24

Comments: -0- Zero                                   Comments:  51                                          Comments:  07

The key area of concern or maybe it’s interest to me now fully armed with this irrefutable knowledge is the volume of Views -vs- Likes.  With the amount or lack of amounts of “Comments” falling into the third slot.

Here’s why:  If my content is worth its salt then to me once a person stumbles upon it or intentionally seeks it out then they  must not have enjoyed the view and either didn’t complete its review or accidently clicked onto my site in error for if they had enjoyed the work they would have taken the time to click the “Like” button and or leave a “Comment”.

I’m aware there are all sorts of reasons why we all do what we do however when I read something that really speaks to me or that I fall into I feel compelled to share that with the writer by liking and commenting on the post IF the writer allows those options which I’ve also learned some do not and that’s fine too doesn’t detract from my enjoyment of their work. Even if it does make me a little sad that I can’t tell them how they positively affected me. That’s my issue though.

I also learned this invaluable piece of info I didn’t know prior to this homework assignment which it appears I could write on until I hit the character limit but am really trying to keep it as short as possible which I don’t think is working out so far. I found it in the Support section here on WP:
“Why is the number of views less than the number of likes?
Readers may like your post without visiting your site, for example on the Reader. Since they didn’t actually visit your site, liking a post in this way does not count as a visit.”

Personally I don’t find it complimentary when a person clicks ‘like’ on my post off of the Reader. If I’ve done this to anyone I’m sorry it won’t be happening again unless that’s all there is to the post and its not an actual ‘read’.

One area that I have clarified about myself during this homework process spanning nearly 1.5 months now is that I am selective in whom I choose to ‘follow’.  Why? Because I am not simply interested in playing the pissing game of who can pee the farthest based on how much volume my creations bring in the form of volume over quality.

I don’t know if this ‘choice’ of mine is a hindrance to me or not but for now it’s where I’m at. Which also reminds me I need to thin the herd on my FB friends list as I don’t even know a quarter of the people I’m ‘friends’ with.

I’ve officially entered into the meaningful encounters, experiences and relationships phase of my lifespan.  It’s an amazing place however its a small place as fake, selfish & hollow vessels aren’t allowed into it.

Only to slightly get off track here but a great example is one woman who is a network marketer and hasn’t tapped into all the beauty, enjoyment, kinship and friendship that social networking can bring one but instead uses every opportunity to “add” or “follow” anyone with whom she thinks she can make some money off of.

This woman I cannot seem to shake like a bad rash that won’t leave.  I have no desire to become one of them and despite the fact that I adamantly deny her requests; there she is resending another one.  It’s gross really.

Back on task.

√ Search Terms:  Epic Fail.  So far as I have nothing in this area spanning the entire life of baby blog. Yet upon further research it appears Google is adjusting their methods which may affect this statistic based on ‘privacy’ concerns.  Right now I’m not focused on this as I still need to customize my blog so that she shines like the rock star she is and so that when I see her I’m blissfully happy. That’s going to take some time.

√  Top Five Posts by Views:  This area here blew me away as I’m learning what I “think” will be a hit isn’t and what I just feel compelled to get up and out of me ends up being noticed & helpful to others.

This lesson has taught me that I just need to not only post creative DIY posts and whatever else I feel is creative but to also put out there the crappy ugly times I experience too as I tend to not like to do that very much as I feel the world has enough pain and sorrow in it without me adding to it but I see now that it’s ‘how’ I express myself that can serve to help others as well as myself.

I also see that by me keeping so much of what I consider “failures & weaknesses” to myself I have only fed the illusion that so many have about me. The illusion that I am invincible and impossible to fracture. Although I can be broken I will also piece myself back together as it’s how I was created.  I am human.  I am still accepting that reality.

I’ve also noted since looking at my stats today that food is a topic that some of my posts have gained followers based on that subject matter. Didn’t see that one coming.

Top 5 Posts/Pages for 2015:

1.  Home Page, 145 Views

2.  About me, 11 Comments, 8 Likes, 53 Views

3. I am Jana.  I exist. 10 Comments & 11 Likes, 52 Views

4. To Whack or not to whack.  That is the Question… 9 Comments & 4 Likes, 29 Views

5. 5 New Blogs (for me)  I’m following & why.  6 Comments & 15 Likes, 23 Views

However when I do the math I can’t help but notice that in just the few hours since I posted my last write-up, Tonight I have a Heavy Heart that it received 9 views, 4 comments & 5 Likes and its been up around 14 hours.  In this post I used the tags: Depression and empathy and see from my stats page that those were 2 keywords used when finding my post.  I don’t believe I’ve used those words as ‘tags’ before this post so I learned something there too.


There is an interest and attraction to human suffering which I don’t find disturbing yet rather supportive & encouraging.  While on this subject matter one of my favorite writers whose blog takingthemaskoff drug me in upon first stumbling upon it just reached the depths of my soul yet again this morning as I read his latest creation.

Chopping Onions, The Truth is in Our Core. I too was attracted to his own human suffering and found support & likeness with him even if I’ve never met him simply take him at his written ‘words’ which continue speak so profoundly to me. He’s deep. Like the ocean and raw and in doing so; brave.

Well that’s enough education and reflection for me for the moment.  I’ve got to get myself ready for my upcoming therapy appointment and Ted is taking in some fresh air and filtered sunlight before I put him back into the safety of our garage.  It’s the only spot in the house that isn’t inhabited with dogs & cats so its the safest place for him.









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