Orange Julius ~ Low Carb

Low-Carb Orange Julius Recipe

“My version of the Original Orange Julius only mine’s Lower in Carbs but not in flavor or satisfaction!”

If I had a dollar for each day that has passed that I have craved an original Orange Julius frozen drink but did not get one I’d be a wealthy woman today.

It’s actually rather embarrassing that it’s taken me 15 years to figure out that I could make my own lower carb version at home.

My moment of inspiration you might be asking?

Our vintage orange tree that I am struggling to keep up with as she’s proving to be quite the silent producer; just like her vintage Meyer Lemon tree sister in the back-fourtyish area of our yard…

I was just walking back from the far back part of our sanctuary back yard in the middle of doing battle with the worst home warranty company in the entire world; at least from my stand point, First American Home Warranty.

Still trying to get a leaky toilet fixed or replaced one month later with them I found myself exasperated, pissy and not hungry but thirsty as the sun’s been out all day today. Springs coming regardless of what the stuffed Ground Hog said.

Actually I haven’t been hungry for quite some time so this new creation should assist me with getting in some nutrition and prevent me from loosing any more weight. A win-win.

I looked over at the orange tree full of super sized sweet oranges which are now falling off of her and laying on the grass as she’s trying to get my attention; one way or the other that her work is done and now I must do my part.

So I did.  I picked up several off the ground and had the brilliant idea to use one of the many jugs of Sugar Free Whey Protein powder I’ve been hoarding and put it to good use.

Only problem; I don’t have vanilla; only strawberry & chocolate so I went with the strawberry as I suspected it would detract from the orangey deliciousness of my new Julius the least as chocolate would have overpowered it.

It was and is fantastic! I am still slurping my second glass as I type this overwhelmed with the need to share today’s knowledge.

Today’s lower carb homemade Orange Julius is just the way I remember it when I was kid back when the trademarked original was nothing like it is today.  Some things shouldn’t change.  Yet I digress.

Today’s version yielded 6 cups in the blender of the most perfectly “just like it used to be at the mall with Grandma” results:

Thick, creamy, rich, frothy & with those awesome macerated pieces of fresh orange & bits of crushed ice in them and the residual flavor that we all wonder what in the hell it is that is in their ‘secret powder’ we all see them pitch into the blender when ordering one at the Mall.

I’ve also decided that this new version might be even better using frozen orange slices so now I have a new project which works out great since I have to find a use for all her oranges before they ‘turn’.  I’ll be peeling and slicing and freezing them in small batches perfect for Orange Julius’s all summer long! I’m stoked!!!

Usual Warning:  I suck at precise measuring.  It’s by choice and not an intentional way to infuriate the masses. I’ve just been cooking, baking and creating edible stuff for so long that it just happened.

Low-Carb Homemade Orange Julius

“Lower-Carb higher in protein & fiber Orange Julius yet just as delicious as the original.” created by yours truly 😉


Here’s what I did:

Fresh Oranges, peeled & sliced.  1 large juicy orange + 1/2 of a smaller orange

Save the entire peel from 1/2 or 1 full orange; I found out it kicks up the Orange flavor tremendously!

1 cup of Half & Half  (or so) (you could use heavy whipping cream just use 1/2 cup of the cream and the other 1/2 water or it will be too thick & you won’t get it thru the straw) Use less dairy if you want it thicker; more if you prefer it’s consistency to be thinner

3 Tablespoons or so of granulated Splenda

2-3 cups of crushed ice

1 scoop (which = 5 Tlbs.  I got curious & had to know how much was in that huge scoop that came with the bottle) Low Carb Whey Protein Powder – I used what I had which was Body Fortress Super Advanced Whey Protein in Strawberry.  I am thrifty so I picked this up at our local Grocery Outlet store for $10 verses over $30 at the local health food store for the exact same product.

A blender

A glass

A Straw – I’m using these awesome huge ones my husband got at Target a million years ago because they have a huge opening and make me feel like a kid again. Plus my chunks of perfectly macerated ice and orange don’t get stuck with these beauties.

Into your blender pitch it all in & in this order:

Slices of peeled orange


Sweetener of choice

Protein Power


Put the lid on and blend that sucker. If it’s too thick for you after you blend it hit the puree setting for a few seconds.

Pour into your glasses and enjoy!

In 1 scoop of this particular low carb Whey Powder it yields:

2.5 grams of delicious Fat

30 grams of Protein

8 Carbs

And tons of muscle building amino acid chains.

Just had a thought. Home made sugar-free sweetened with Splenda or Stevia heavy whipping cream whipped to firm peaks would be a delicious addition on top of this.  Just sayin…

I’m forcing myself to save half the pitcher for my husband as I know he’s going to love this and has a love-hate relationship with our low carb lifestyle as he’s a Mexican Japanese man and was raised on rice, beans, tortillas, bread, potatoes, meat & the only vegetable he ate when I met him: Corn. He took after the Mexican side of his heritage.

So this should give him a surprise treat and take the edge off his self-chosen deprivation.

This is such a an amazing discovery even if it did take me 15 years of low-carb living to have the idea to make it.

Let me know your thoughts & feedback as I’d love to know if ya loved it or hated it 😉

Jana Leigh Thomas-Ortega

This delightful creation was just that: Created by me. You’re welcome to enjoy the fruits of my labor however please do be sure to return the favor & include & credit its origination to me.  Thank you 😉

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