Who’s the bigger Idiot? Me or him?

dumb-ass whisper

How many times a day…

I just opened & read one of the many automatically delivered email newsletters I subscribe to & found myself immediately irritated and agitated as I read its message.  I just unsubscribed.

Sitting there I did some soul-searching as I recognized the need to get to the bottom of precisely ‘whatit was that invoked such innately strong emotions within me… I mean after all it is just an email.

People really are lost.  So many really, really are.

That’s what I realized was at the heart of my distain for this waste of time crap email I received this morning & the person who created it.

This cry for help was written, supported & sent by a medical doctor.  This knowledge only further infuriated me.

Here’s the body of the email:

As you know, meat and cheese-heavy diets have led to an epidemic of childhood obesity and many other health problems. Despite efforts from the presidential administration, many problems remain unaddressed. We know that chronic health conditions that disproportionately impact low-income Americans are linked to poorer diet. We know that encouraging healthier eating at an early age instills healthier habits for a lifetime and can be reinforced in the school environment, in the workplace, in the home, and in the community.

Ask President Barack Obama to address health disparities and childhood obesity in the State of the Union. In order for our voice to be heard, we need your help to get 100,000 signatures on our White House petition leading up to the annual State of the Union address on Jan. 20.

We respectfully ask President Barack Obama to lay out a bold vision in his State of the Union Address for improving America’s health and combating childhood obesity by addressing (1) the poor state of health of many Americans, (2) the glaring health disparities between people who are economically challenged and those of means, and (3) continuing poor diet habits in children and the lack of progress in preventing childhood obesity, type 2 diabetes, and other chronic health conditions directly linked to poor diets.

Neal Barnard, M.D.
President, Physicians Committee

(End of email)

Are you fucking kidding me?!!!?

This type of ludicrous, lame ass, enabling thinking is precisely why the U.S.A. is in such a state of denial and @ the core of this denial is a complete & utter lack of personal accountability.

AKA: Taking responsibility for our own choices in life regardless of how dire they may be.

Now it’s the President of the United States of America’s responsibility to educate humans about proper diet, exercise and freedom of choice?

At what point in this lifetime did people loose sight & possession of these basic common-sensical characteristics?

Dr. Barnard has the audacity to try to dump yet another responsibility onto school educators & systems by referring to nutritional education in the already overcrowded understaffed & under-funded classrooms? Nutrition education should be addressed in school however when the kids return home to parental guardians who either have no desire to educate themselves all the way around let alone implement the knowledge learned from their kids; then what?

This moron who has substantial collegiate training has decided that it is his own plight as well as fellow humans to take childhood obesity directly to the President of the United States of America and force him to address this topic at the State of the Union Address.

Are you fucking kidding me?!?

Maybe my mind words differently then the masses but meat & cheese is the cause of childhood obesity and Diabetes Type 2 within children & the impoverished?  Back in the day the so called impoverished & “economically challenged” were underweight not overweight.

Back in the day, being “economically challenged” returned people who worked their assess off with however many jobs it took to pay the bills & feed and care for themselves & their families which included sleep deprivation as well as weight loss not gain due to exhaustion & expenditures of the body being greater then its intake.

AKA: Ate less and moved more

First lets explore this hypothesis.  Meat & cheese are two of the most expensive items to purchase; period. This is a well known fact. However what is much less expensive is high calorie, fat & sugar laden crap food devoid of any semblance of nutritional value; if you can even call it food.

Chips, candy, white breads, starches, high sugar low nutrition cereals and pre-packaged crap snacks & meals.  This is the stuff that makes kids obese.  This crap can make ANYONE obese if portion control & nutritional balance aren’t incorporated.


That & lack of physical activity.  What ever happened to kids & adults playing outside, running, jumping, climbing trees?

I’ll tell you what happened to them: Lazy ass people with a lack of motivation, determination, self respect, drive & common sense.  Video games? Nah. It’s not their fault but it is the fault of the guardians of these kids especially these obese kids as this MD spews to ensure that the parents take an active role in setting healthful examples themselves as well as strive for balance in activities of all kinds not to mention basic food requirements.

But then again a large portion of adults raising these same kids spend more time in front of a television either watching it or playing games on it so once again; education & nutrition starts at home first.

So if this highly trained & educated MD is stating that the “economically challenged” are getting obese due to cheese and meat alone yet lack the money to purchase the more expensive cited items then it is possible that he’s full of shit?

I’d say he is.

I cannot recall the last time I saw a kid gnawing on a piece of meat and or cheese.  What I do see each time I head out to the stores is kids slurping up a soda and chomping on some pre-packaged god-only-knows-what manufactured food product or bag of chips.  I can’t remember the last time I saw a kid out in a store or restaurant for that matter crunching on carrots, a salad or any vegetable for that matter unless you count French fries into the equation.

Each and every time I step into a grocery store but more importantly a grocery store that say a person who is either thrifty such as myself and or “economically challenged” I see carts and grocery belts full of crap food.  Also either standing by these carts or sitting in them is toddlers, infants and teens.

I rarely see fresh meats or cheeses on the belts or in the carts but what I do see are frozen high caloric and fat dinners, meals, frozen desserts, frozen snacks, frozen pizzas, frozen French fries & hash browns, ice cream, sodas, chips, dips, pastries’, sugar laden cereals, breads, tortillas, beans, rice (beans & rice can be nutritional if used in tandem with a balanced nutritional diet).

Crap food.

Notice I didn’t mention vegetables or fruits?  You’re right I didn’t.  Unless of course you consider corn to be a primary vegetable as that’s pretty much all I see. Oh wait.  Potatoes. That’s a vegetable too right? Those are there in the masses as well.

Fruits? Yep sometimes but in the form of fruit roll-ups, gummy fruits whatever in the hell they are as well as canned fruit.  Nothing fresh with the exception of a few bananas; if that…

In all fairness many of these shoppers do buy the Non-Fat Milk or 1% Milk so as to keep a watchful eye on their healthful dietary lifestyle choices.

Going even deeper down into the rabbit hole…  It isn’t even the kids fault really.  The sole responsibility lies with the parents and or guardians of said kids as kids have access to what their guardians supply them with who are themselves typically obese due to lack of healthful personal choices.

No one is shoving food into these adults hands, making their shopping list for them nor forcing them to buy what they are choosing to buy.

State assistance programs were created to aid individuals temporarily, NOT become a way of life. Far too many who have access to this tax payer funded assistance make a way of life out of it with no intention of ever giving up this milk & honey ‘free money’.  You’ll encounter many of these abusers with their overflowing carts full of crap during the first of any given month; from the 1st-about the 10th as you stand there waiting for the 140th item of crap to be scanned in front of you.

Personal accountability lacks in this country.  It does from the top of the food chain all the way down to the bottom.

Now this idiot Dr. Neal Barnard has somehow decided that the solution to this ‘problem’ is to have Barack Obama address it in a Nationwide televised broadcast?

Wow.  Really!?

It does NOT require a higher education, gross sums of money nor the prerequisites of being born with a silver spoon in your mouth to possess common sense.

Libraries, television, books, magazines you name it; there are numerous resources of free information available for anyone who chooses to seek and use them. Even if a person can’t read there’s tons of free resources funded by tax payers dollars available to fix that problem too.

I sincerely hope that no one signs this lame ass petition this moronic doctor is pleading for people to sign.

There are so many legitimate concerns and needs within this country and the world far more in need of the energy and resources than rewarding poor choices & selective ignorance which is exactly what this petition is comprised of.

You cannot teach people common sense & personal accountability EVEN with a State of The Union Address & the President’s ‘backing’.

Obesity and the health issues that can come along with it is a personal issue not a Government responsibility to address for the love of all that’s holy.

You either possess the traits or you don’t.

Dumb Ass of the Week

Dr. Neal Barnard’s much earned award

Dr. Barnard you sir are behaving like a dumb-ass and you’re a perfect example of all that I’ve stated above:

“All the professional schooling in the world yet he still lacks basic common sense”.

You’re not truly talking about teaching the impressionable generation here you’re talking about teaching a generation that’s already decided they are entitled to a certain way of life; one of the path of least resistance. Or so they think.

You can only teach a child so much in school.  The true life’s lessons including a balanced healthful diet & life start at home. This is the busted link in this chain of fools.

Come up with a legitimate method for teaching people both of these innate skillsets & there’s a petition I’ll sign.

Jana Leigh Thomas-Ortega

5 thoughts on “Who’s the bigger Idiot? Me or him?

  1. Yep…. It starts at home. The president nor the school nor the church, no one BUT the parents or guardians have the responsibility or the influence for positive change in a childs life, today and for the future. In answer to your question: Him. Definitely. And all who think his solution will work.

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