Fluffy Low Carb Pancake & Waffle Batter

Low Carb Pancake Recipe with Homemade Whipping Cream, Strawberries and Maple Butter Sugar Free Syrup

Low Carb Fluffy Pancakes dressed with homemade whipping cream, strawberries & Maple Butter Sugar Free Syrup, served with sausage.   http://www.TheArtOfThisNThat.wordpress.com

If there’s just one thing that a hard core, die hard low-carber would stoop over to pick up off of a dirty floor, in public-view if even just to smell it in a ridiculous attempt to satisfy their Jonesing for a starch; it would have to be anything resembling a bread-like product.

I’ve done it.  Oh you know you have too.

Well maybe you haven’t but don’t tell me the thought hasn’t crossed your mind before.

Either way, I’m going to share with you some fantastically “I can’t believe this is sugar-free or low-carb!” product staples found within my own pantry & home such as the most deliciously thick & rich Maple Butter Syrup found at WalMart as well as some how-to’s that I’ve discovered & actively use for completing this amazing dish.

You’ll find them at the bottom of this recipe.

Long gone are the days when a low carb lifestyle eater must go without bread products as well as chips and dips unlike back in the day when I traded in all my beloved sugar filled high carbohydrate dietary staples over 14 years ago & officially became a low-carber.  Doc Atkins was still alive & thriving when I discovered low carb living too. Poor man never did live long enough to see his trailblazing efforts take hold.  Yet I digress…

Even if you’re not a low carber such as myself but you’re down for a high protein, high fiber, low-carb, nutritious, high in flavor and scrumptiously palatable light & fluffy pancake & waffle recipe then this will do the trick.

To date I’ve yet to create a more light & fluffy yet richly satisfying batter recipe and it’s a challenge when you’re a low carber as so many of the ingredients which serves to save you carbs are also heavy as a lead brick & not very palatable.

Not this recipe.

The finished product is cloud-like and they are just as great left-over which is why I make a double batch & eat them all week long.

You will also find that you’re sated much more & longer with these delectably satisfying beauties too due to their high protein, fat (fat=only if you smother them in butter like I do & fry them in copious amounts of coconut oil) & fiber content verses a traditional pancake or waffle which leaves you bloated but still feeling like you’re hungry when you’re not.

And now 2 Disclaimers: #1 Please do not comment on this or any other designated tried-true & tested low carb recipe I graciously post with complaints of how high in calories & fat it may be.  The majority will be full of both.  Flavor & richness too!

Why? Because as a low-carber the ONLY area I am concerned about is carbohydrates.  Period.

#2 Long gone are the days when I exasperate myself & my overactive brain narrowing down carb counts to the precise tenth of a digit; unless I’m in in the “induction stage”.  So if I do happen to do that within a recipe please enjoy the data if not then feel free to do that research yourself as knowledge is power & often times I will imbed the link to the nutritional label on products I use within my posts.

I thank you in advance 😉

A batter aficionado I am.  As such I tend to enjoy the batter/uncooked process of most items over the cooked project. This pancake & waffle batter is addictive so don’t be surprised if you wind up with less end product as you dip, slurp and lick it along the way. Haha! That sounds terrible now that I read it…  Oh whatever; different strokes people 😉

This recipe is loaded with protein & fiber due to the Carbalose flour which gives you 31 grams of protein in about a half a cup of mix & 29 grams of fiber. The flax seed yields 6 grams of protein in the 3 Tlbs it takes to make the 1/4 cup called for in this recipe and 8 grams of fiber; 1.5 net carbs.

Lastly the almond meal yields 7 grams of protein, 3 grams of fiber and a net carb count of 2.

Note: Almond meal has become quite the hot commodity as it’s gaining popularity & recognition for it’s high protein low carb attributes such as substituting it for traditional flour in baking recipes and so if you’re not careful you can easily get hosed by paying 2-3 times more for it than you need to. This is why once I discovered Trader Joe’s selling of it, he’s been my #1 shop for buying it.

A 1 pound bag (16 oz.) of TJ’s “Just Almond Meal” sells for $5.99 so if you’re fortunate to have one in your neighborhood your lucky as there’s more than one person on Amazon who sells the same TJ bags for $9.24 EACH.

I’m all for free enterprise and shit but damn?! Really?!

I suppose that would work if you live in the middle of BFE and have no way of obtaining it but wow!  Okay rant over.

The best part of this recipe is that it’s ‘from scratch’ as in homemade with fresh wholesome ingredients. Yet they are uncomplicated & easy to make so don’t let the ingredients dis-way you nor my lengthy ramblings as it’s just how I roll; I love sharing knowledge.

I’ve made the pancakes before however have a thing for waffles and my greater than 20 year old Belgium waffle machine is still rocking it & going strong with its deep wells that hold the organic coconut oil I generously pour onto the waffle maker getting it sizzling hot before ladling each future waffles batter onto it.

Coconut Oil: Imparts a super rich flavor, moisture & a crispy exterior PLUS you get all the great health benefits of coconut oil.  Of course the amount of oil is up to you but I’m heavy handed & most people would gasp in horror if they saw how much I use for each waffle.

Even our 11 year old daughter LOVES these damn things and requests them every weekend; just sayin. I serve them up with a side of Cheesy Scrambled Eggs & sausage or bacon. We are sated comfortably for hours. But most importantly blissfully satisfied from taste buds to tummy.

There are tons of uses for coconut oil however I am fond of Wellness Mama’s top 100 uses as it blows your mind. But I do get my Nutiva Organic Coconut Oil from Costco for two reasons: It’s the best organic coconut oil I’ve used to date & two, Costco saves me bank by buying it there.  A 2.3 Liter jug for under $27; less than double what you’d pay elsewhere.

And now a note:  I didn’t like what putting the coconut oil into the batter did to it (made the waffles stick and not want to release once cooked & it made them dry) so I stick with melted butter inside the batter & coconut oil for frying the waffles in. That and I slather a good tablespoon or more of sweet cream butter onto each and every waffle once it comes off the maker.

Free Beauty Tip: Dip your finger into coconut oil while your cookin & dab it on your lips. It’s an amazing emollient & leaves your lips satiny smooth, plump and moist from the outside in!

Buttery deliciousness! I use at least a stick of sweet cream butter for this recipe as I saturate each waffle they come off the griddle with it; they suck it right up absorbing it into its core. It’s like eating a stick of butter only better.  I think that sounds weird but oh well.

3 things give this batter its fluffy yet rich texture: Homemade buttermilk, baking powder & soda so don’t be afraid of the ingredients. You can simply buy buttermilk at the store however I don’t use enough of it to warrant doing that so instead I make my own by simply adding the vinegar to the milk product which sours it.  In 5 minutes or less you have homemade buttermilk & saved yourself a trip to the store 😉

Yield: About 5 waffles depending on how large you want them; mine are full size. Pancakes: About 10. I tend to double the recipe & eat them throughout the week as they reheat beautifully.

All pictures posted are ours as in they really are the pictures taken before we devoured our breakfast/brunch.  Each & every one of them.

Low Carb Waffles Cooked and ready to dress

Low Carb Fluffy Waffles
In their “Naked” stage pre-dressing them up!


3/4 cup **Half & Half

2 Tlbs. Bragg Apple Cider Vinegar

1/2 cup Carbalose Flour by Tova

1/2 cup Trader Joe’s “Just Almond Meal”

1/4 cup *toasted Flax Seed *meal

2 Tlbs. Splenda or other sweetener

1 tsp. baking powder

1/2 tsp. baking soda

1/4 tsp salt

1 egg

2 Tlbs. butter, melted

1-2 tsp. real -vs- imitation vanilla extract (I love my stuff vanilly so I use 2!)

(Additional water or half & half to thin the batter IF you find it too thick)

** Heavy Whipping Cream can be substituted for the Half & Half but be sure to dilute it with equal parts water due to its thickness.

*I toasty roast my raw flax seeds in a small un-greased pan/skillet on the stove-top over low-heat just until they begin to snap crackle & pop; about 5 minutes. But due to the super hard-shell which refuses to be ground even in a food processor I take them to the mat in my Mortar & Pestle and within less than 2 minutes I have powdery fine toasty flax-seed meal that has the richest toasted nutty flavor. * Your body can only absorb the nutritional benefits of flax IF you bust through their hard shell first; all the goodness is on the inside 😉


1. Toasty roast flax seeds in a small pan over low-medium heat tossing and stirring to prevent them from burning until they begin to snap crackle & pop; about 5 minutes or so. Remove from heat. Once cool grind them into a fine powder.

2. Make your buttermilk: Combine & stir half and half with the vinegar in a medium bowl & set aside for 5 minutes to “sour”. (note: Its okay if it sits there much longer than 5 minutes)

3. Melted butter, egg & vanilla: Melt butter in the microwave allowing it to cool slightly before gently adding it to the beaten egg & vanilla in a small bowl. (If you don’t slightly cool the butter first you stand to accidentally scramble & cook the raw egg) Set aside mixture.

4. Time to thoroughly blend your dry ingredients: In a medium-larger sized bowl: Add Carbalose flour, almond meal, toasty roasted flaxseed meal, baking powder, baking soda, sweetener of choice & salt. Thoroughly mix and blend. I use a whisk as it breaks up the baking soda & powder and thoroughly blends all the ingredients nicely.

5. Time to mix it all together! Whoohoot!  Using your whisk make a small ‘well’ in the center of your dry ingredients.

Pour your egg mixture into the buttermilk; quickly blend.

Take your liquid products and pour them into the ‘well’ of your dry ingredients being sure to scrape out all that eggy, buttery, milky vanilly goodness so you don’t waste it.

Blend well.  I use a whisk as it incorporates everything quickly & precisely.

Heat up your waffle iron or pancake making griddle/pan of choice. Once hot this is where I go a tad wild with my coconut oil and pour coupious amounts of it onto the waffle iron also coating the top of the griddle using a silicon pastry brush dipped in the same coconut oil before ladeling each batch of batter into it.

Low-Carb Waffle Recipe

Just a lil collage I made showcasing the Waffles…  Don’t mind my composting bowl in the background she rides bitch on the countertop affording me the convenience of composting.  Although DaVinci Brand Sugar-free Syrup is in the background of these pics I have since switched brands & find Torani SF to be a superior product…

Cook as you normally would. Slather each piping hot waffle or pancake with tons of delicious sweet cream butter or whatever you like then repeat until all batter is gone.

 Keep warm in a luke warm oven.

I thought I’d share with you why my waffles and pancakes are so exquisite but of course you don’t have to do any of these things but I’m still going to share because well; that’s just how I roll…

I use the following items on my waffles each time:

Homemade heavy whipping cream, whipped & sweetened with Splenda or Stevia + vanilla extract; about 1/4-1/2 tsp.  Takes no more than 5 minutes to have the most deliciously sweetened fresh nearly zero carbs taste of heaven you’ll ever taste.  Or you can buy yourself a can of real whipping cream.  If so I go with Land O’Lakes brand red-label tinned cream. They also make a sugar-free variety which tastes terrible and like an artificial whipped topping plus it has more carbs in it then Land O Lakes red-label original.  Go figure.

Butter flavored Maple Syrup. Sugar-free of course. I’ve tried entirely too many to note here all of which sucked & were like pouring sweetened water onto my waffle masterpieces ruining them so for the record the only one I use now I get at Wally World.  Wally World you say? Oh hell to the yes! Who would have ever of thought that the best “can’t believe it’s sugar-free” syrup would be sold at Wally.

THE BEST Sugar-Free Maple Syrup Ever

“Maple Grove Farms Maple Butter Sugar-Free Syrup”

Here’s the product link for it: Maple Grove Farms Sugar Free Butter Flavored Maple Syrup.

At Walmart I pick it up for under $2.50 for a large 24 ounce bottle. You simply can’t beat that.

Strawberry reduction sauce: Sounds time consuming right?

It’s not.

DIY Low-Carb Strawberru Reduction Sauce Homemade

“Low-Carb Strawberry Reduction Sauce”

I use either fresh, freshly frozen from this past summers Farmers Market or flash frozen strawberry, blackberry & raspberry bags I pick up at the local Dollar Tree for you guessed it; a buck.  Keep these in the freezer & each time I whip up our low carb waffles I throw a handful of frozen berries or two into a saucepan and let them simmer & defrost as I prep the rest of the meal.

Whip out my hand held blender & puree them in the same saucepan. Turn off the heat and add a few tablespoons of Torani Sugar Free Raspberry Syrup to them to sweeten & add depth of flavor & a few spoonfulls of Splenda or Stevia depending on how sweet I want them. You don’t have to puree them but instead leave them whole just like in the picture at the beginning of this article.

We drizzle this onto our waffles along with the whipping cream and Maple Syrup and bam! Your ready to roll.

P.S.  This berry reduction sauce kiCks ass over sugar-free ice cream too or homemade low carb crème brulee!

Because I am frugal & damn proud of it I’m going to give you a tip: 

Smart & Final carries a gigantic variety of Sugar Free and leaded syrups and at prices nearly half of what you will pay when buying them online or locally. $3.99 each if you buy 6 or more or $4.99 each for less than 6.

Quality sugar-free syrups can open up an entirely new low carb world for a person.  Their ability to enhance a variety of foods & beverages is exponential. Miss Starbucks iced venti sweetened & flavored coffees & blended drinks?

Why are you suffering & depriving yourself?  You have everything at your disposal to create your own right at home.

Richly roasted & brewed coffee, heavy whipping cream, ice, sugar free syrups and top it off with your own homemade whipping cream topping sprinkling it with cinnamon powder.  For a fraction of what you’d pay at Starbucks…  Our 11 year old daughter also loves them.  This kid is my in-house guinea pig for “Kid-approved” eats & drinks.  She’s adventurous, so am I so it’s a win-win.

“But it’s not the same” I hear you saying right about now.  Trust me, it is.  It’s the damn Starbucks cup that’s the missing link for you. You just didn’t know this mastermind deeply imbedded psychological marketing genius thing they do. Until now.

Just save a few of your Venti Cups and lids, wash them and use them to make your at home even-better version.

Your welcome.

Well… I think that about does it.  Who would have thought roughly 2700 words later would yield the most delicious low carb waffle & pancake recipe to exist on earth plus tons of  new low carb sugar free stuff for you to try.  I’m serious but don’t take my word for it; try it yourself.

I remember when I was just starting out and appreciated a recipe that went into more detail then probably needed be as I was a rookie and hadn’t learned how to tweak regular recipes into sugar-free one’s yet.

Either way enjoy! Once you try them I’d be suprised if you don’t fall in love with them.  I believe a “Top 10 Best Low Carb Products” list blog post is in order now that I write this…

All I ask is that if you share, use or republish my article/recipe then you be respectful enough to ensure the credit for it’s creation is duly noted and refers back to me.

Now go get your cook on! 😉

The art of this and that, low carb cooking baking

This delightful creation is the sole property of Jana Leigh Thomas~Ortega, http://www.theartofthisnthat.com & http://www.theartofthisnthat.wordpress.com.  😉


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