5 New (for me) Blogs I am Following & why…

breadcrumbs, bread crumbs, learning, confusion

The process of learning through my eyes… As simply convoluted as following the breadcrumbs…
Art work by: Cory Godbey

Homework Assignment for WP Blogging 101:  (Late but completed.)

Today’s assignment: follow five new topics in the Reader and five new blogs.


Okay so I suspect for many this assignment was easily interpreted immediately and your homework was done lickety-split.  Well for me, I’m still even as I type this, trying to figure out how to follow “topics”.  I’ve been trying to crack this code since last night however being the tenacious creature that I am refuse to quit until I figure out how. 

Lucky you.

In the mean time I will be listing the 5 new Blogs that I have selected to follow and in doing so give a shout out to our teacher who had the foresight to assign this ‘basic’ task to a newbie like me as I had no idea about either one of these two tools within WordPress yet now have caught a glimpse into the vast galaxy that is the WP Blogging community.  In doing so I have found, all under one WordPress roof, 5 new sites which speak to me and all on different levels of what I hold dear to me. 

Plus I’m meeting some really neat people in the process.   Don’t forget.  I still haven’t figured out how to follow a “topic” yet.  I’m working on it.

Without further ado here are my 5 new Blogs and some reasons why I’m diggin the hell out of them:

  • 1. The Soupy Stovetop: Just like its title says, this blog is chocked full of delicious homemade soup recipes. I love soups!!! I love soup a lot to be precise. The Soupy Stovetops recipes are simple, basic, call for fresh ingredients & show mouthwatering pics of the final soupy concoction only further mesmerizing me with this blog. The fresh avocado slices sealed my fate.


Here in California where I call home & always have I’ve always had a love/hate relationship with the cold weather. I have embraced the knowledge that I am a huge pussy when it comes to freezing temperatures such as we’ve had lately; 38 degrees chills me to the bone. I’m also aware that as a Californian I have no grasp of what freezing cold truly is however this is my write-up and my reality so my wimpyness stands.

Bacon Pancetta Chili Soup (Low Carb) is just one receipt that snagged me & drug me into the Soupy Stovetop’s blog.  I located this blog during my homework research for Blogging 101 as I searched the WP Reader topics for Low Carb. Interesting part of this find is that I didn’t find the Soupy right off the bat but instead located it while perusing another blog of a low-carber who had posted the Bacon Pancetta Soup recipe on their own blog.

See, I’m learning already.

I know enough about cooking being a seasoned cook myself to know just by reading the ingredients if a recipe will work or not. This one will & I will be creating it within 1 weeks’ time.

  • 2. ….. And the Moon Sees All: This is currently one of my favorite blogs. I located it while doing a search for the word: Wiccan. Why? Because I am one. I have hyperlinked And the Moon Sees All’s “about me” page as this website isn’t just a home for those magically inclined but is instead an eclectic collection of the artist’s soul. That becomes apparent once you read her “about me” page which is why I selected that as the landing page should you choose yourself to pop on over. However it was her inspiring yet surprisingly calming article Full Moon Wolf in Cancer that hooked me and managed to calm the raging sea that has been attempting to drown me all week long with its all-consuming erratic emotion. Astrology is my thing as is being Wiccan. There are celestial bodies that affect every living creature on cellular levels however few people recognize, acknowledge or embrace these prehistoric creatures & their influences that are alive & well. I do and it appears so does this writer. I’m diggin the hell out of this blog.


  • 3. Witches of the Craft: “Let’s Talk Witch” was the title of this writers post that immediately caught my attention as it was so basic yet descriptive in the 3 words selected for its beginning title. This and the soothing dark picture chosen for this post. I stared at the picture alone for several minutes as it soothed me just as the Full Moon Wolf in Cancer post did above. For some the dark frightens them. For me not so much particularly when the shadowy light of the moon is present such as in this picture. Upon further research of this blog & reading its content I would discover that this blog also has one hell of a following & tons of useful tools for me also over on Pinterest allowing me to cross-follow and enjoy it.  


  • 4. Jstewart413’s Blog: While FINALLY figuring out how to follow ‘topics’ (It was right there the entire time. Can’t believe I’m admitting this out loud but I am. However I am not convinced I’m right so if I’m still off please let me know. I believe ‘tags’ to be the same as ‘topics’?) as I typed in “Aries” which I proudly am, up popped a poem from a fellow Aries blogger An Aries… I Am. As I read it I realized that I do like poetry. Some poetry that is. This writers stuff I understand making it a good fit for me. I read thru several of his pieces and can identify with them. Identification equals a good fit for me.
  • 5. No To Fear ….. And now for some Inspiration. Courage. It is a word dear to me for it is a trait that I was born with yet has led me into some of the darkest moments of my existence. Why? Simply because I refuse to be paralyzed by fear nor silenced and their opposites are Courage. As I searched under the tags using the word, I came upon a poem titled “No To Fear” which is linked above. AMEN! This word is all I could seem to say as the writer is spot the hell on and nailed it to the wall. What if we all trained ourselves to immediately identify fear as it descends upon us all and possess the gift of discernment allowing us to quickly size it up determining what is ‘real fear’ and what is the fear of the unknown or as the writer infers: Fear of Failure. Decided to follow this blog and see where it leads me. TONYGILOTTEMUSINGS is the title of this artist’s blog.



My 5 new Topics aka: Tags to follow:

  • Aries
  • Astrology
  • Low Carb
  • Magic
  • Wicca

The end.  For now…

Still following the breadcrumb maze...

Still following the breadcrumb maze…

7 thoughts on “5 New (for me) Blogs I am Following & why…

  1. Thank you so much for your kind words. It is nice to know that the work we do is appreciated. You mentioned the dark graphics, don’t let them bother you. I always check to see who is on the site before we start each day. Most of them, I know what kind of graphics they like, so I use the ones they like. I have always told them, it is their site, I am only the zookeeper, lol!

    I have looked around your site and I like it, especially your writing. You are a very good writer and have the potential to go far. And I believe you will do just that, my friend. Keep up the good work and this wonderful blog of yours.

    Thank you again,
    Lady A

    Liked by 1 person

    • Thank you so much Lady A. 😉
      I love the dark graphics on your site. When I said dark I wasn’t referring to evil or anything of the sort; just the beautiful night that is the pic that adorns the pages… LOVE that pic!

      I appreciate your supportive words and I have much to learn from you actually… The daily Tarot card that you select daily really knocks my socks off; the fact that today’s was a 3 card past,current, present spread AND uses animals as the symbols; wow, I’d not see that before and loved it since we are all one in the same really.

      Blessings to you and yours & again; I Just can’t tell you how much your words have positively affected me.


      • I didn’t think a thing about you using the term “dark” and never gave it a thought about it meaning evil. I have found myself using the term “dark” quite often these days myself.

        When I first started out, we were on MSN (remember their groups). I didn’t know a thing about anything. I did have this wonderful man take me under his wing and he taught me everything he knew. So it is nice to know that I can pass on the lessons he taught me to others.

        Those past, present and future readings are something we just started. We try to keep things fresh and keep people guessing whats next? That keeps them coming back. But what I said about your blog, I meant. You are a very talented writer. The words seem to flow so smoothly for you. I wish I had your talent. I don’t visit many sites but I enjoy looking around yours and just browsing. It is a great site. Keep up the great work and keep visiting. Love having you!
        Lady A


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