Happy New Year! So why are you moving on New Years Eve?

Swap out all but 2 humans, +8 furry babies & this was us.

Swap out all but 2 humans, +8 furry babies & this was us.

In the spirit of gratitude which often times leads me straight back into the bowels of hell as I relive all that which has brought me to this place of gratitude & enlightenment I felt it only fitting that a post on moving & during the Christmas holiday season none the less was absolutely perfect.

It is at this exact time, one year ago that me and my husband were in the process of moving from a rental home owned by a mega powerhouse slumlord with limitless resources who had rented us a home infested with mold; of all kinds of mold & into what we thought would be our new to us 1957 home. 

In the end though we’d wind up moving ourselves; not utilizing a professional moving company on New Years Eve 2013 & landing into an extended stay hotel. 


For 2 weeks.

Checking in at our new home away from home.     At midnight.     On New Years Eve.

With freezing temperatures in the low 30’s – Okay, so for native Californian’s anything below 50 is freezing which is why we choose to live here & not where the true freezing thing occurs as we’d surely die.

With 8 animals.

4 dogs

4 cats

2 humans

I had the full blown case of the Flu, Type A as would be later officially diagnosed @ an urgent care but not until after the move from hell was completed & I could no longer function requiring treatment.

My man barely emotionally & physically functional due to a mental, physical & emotional meltdown    aka:  Extreme Stress Overload

Living out of a Uhaul hitch trailer attached to my husbands pickup truck.

I think it’s important to note that me and my man both have respectable careers.  He works for the State & me well, I’m a nurse & work for the Feds.  One would think that on this note money would not be an issue right?

Well, it’s not so much that money was an issue as it wasn’t but what was the top priority & concern to us was that our 8 beloved furry, shedding, furball hacking up babies who are not expendable nor disposable unlike so many who daily post their disgusting daily craigslist posts:

“FREE to a good home.  12 year old dog.  I just don’t have time to care for it anymore”


“FREE!!! Cat.  We’re moving & can’t take it with us; I’ve had her since she was a kitten.” 

Our creed rolls like this:    This pack of 10 beloved rejects rolls as a unit.   No one is left behind.   


So what do you do when faced with the knowledge that the dirtbag sellers of what will eventually be your new-to-you home once escrow finally closes & the title officially transfers have been intentionally stalling the close of said home (which was empty as they weren’t even living in it) for well over 4 weeks to have the sale of it post to their 2014 income taxes yet have led you to believe the entire time they would cooperate with you by closing long before Christmas only to learn the day before New Years Eve that your now looking at at least a week after the fact yet you still need somewhere to live as your rental agreement with a nonnegotiable evactuation date of 12/31 @ midnight is well; nonnegotiable BUT you have 8 beloved hairy assed babies to protect, house & keep with you at all costs in the mean time?

It’s at this time that you may be asking the question:  What in the hell took them until New Years Eve to figure out they wouldn’t be able to move straight from the rental into their new home?

I’ll tell ya……… It’s not that we didn’t know the deal may not happen by our move out slumlords deadline its just that denial is a river.     And well, she’s real.   So we planned, pre-packed, prayed, hoped, did everything on our end to ensure the title paperwork was up to speed & then we believed.    We just believed.   Plus we were desperate to not have to move all our beloved stuff into a storage facility then move it into our home within a matter of days & who really wants to live in a hotel when there’s 10 of you living in it.   However looking back in the rear view mirror I now see that there was no way in hell it was going to happen as well it wasn’t just us that had to do our part, it was the scummy sellers & their even scummier realtor who failed to do their part & intentionally so.  It wasn’t until after it all was over the pieces of the puzzle fell into place………

Did I mention it was New Years Eve?

Ever try to find a hotel, motel, holiday inn that will let you check in with 8 animals?  Of any kind?  No matter how many rooms you offered to pay for nor how many deposits you offer to pay in order to do so?

Are you feeling grateful for your current life’s lot yet?    If not, continue reading………

You’d be amazed at the sheer driving force & power that internal conviction, determination & love for your beloveds aka: Furry beasts can have on you until you find yourself in a situation like this. Hell, Miguel and I could have easily had found a room for just the two of us.  That wasn’t an option.

It is at this time when one feels emotions so overwhelmingly strong, overpowering & all consuming that have just one common thread running thru them:  Fear

Well, fear & the horrific side effects that having a case of the Flu, Type A can have on a person even if that person has no idea that the mind numbing body aches, uncontrollable chills, muscle weakness, throbbing & aching brain, nausea & case of the Hershey squirts that suddenly came on are due to the Flu & not being exhausted……… Yes the above description was me and it was beyond ugly. 

It is at this time that I want to throw up pictures describing our documentary however due to the horrifically brutal circumstances surrounding it and the fact that we were barely speaking during the 24 hour joy ride we never took any pics during the mission so I found one and only one photo that sums up how I felt & shamefully behaved during the move and here it is:

This would have been me. After the flu kicked in. During the move & after we had packed up the TP & bidet.

This would have been me. After the flu kicked in. During the move & after we had packed up the TP & bidet.

The fact that I had just cleaned the toilet of the rental home at 10 o’clock at night; again, as we continued to load & unload the 26-foot Uhaul truck time and time again only returning to the house to pack & load up yet more of our beloved crap, drive to the Uhaul storage facility, unload & repeat only further served to melt what was left of my soul as each time I’d clean it up the poor toilet, barely able to stand hoping it was the last time that my poor body possessed by the Flu would launch a full blown assault on it….

Over and over again……  And our bidet & toilet paper had already been cleaned, packed & stored in the move.    Disgusting.

Yet despite all of this & being a renowned hoarder by nature I refused to part of any of our beloved crap.   A total of 3-4 loads within this 26 foot Uhaul is what it would take to move all of our stuff.  Looking back I’m still amazed my husband didn’t leave me for dead along with all the stuff I just had to take with us…….

Oh God his poor back.   I just had the most hysterically laugh filled mental picture of my poor husband holding his back in agony at the umpteenth 400 pound box of hoarded crap that I packed & he would carry, load & unload into that damn truck.    I am an organized hoarder remember?

I possess some serious super hero stealth-like abilities when it comes to packing as much stuff into any one box.  I actually see the weight limits that are pre-printed on boxes as personal challenges.  So when it says it has a 20 pound limit I see that limit as a challenge as I have my silent or in all honestly out loud conversation between me & the box: 20 lbs?  That’s ridiculous. What a waste of space!!! Pffffffffffff I don’t think so.  You can so handle much more than that plus you’ve never met me Mr.Box nor my industrial strength packing tape so here’s how we’re going to do this…..

Then I stuff even more into it regardless of the fact of how heavy it may be when it comes time to actually move it.   I can even tape up & label these 2 ton receptacles professionally & neatly which only further adds to the devastating reality as the poor bastard who’s going to be the one moving them & has no idea what hell is actually awaiting them until the moment they actually bend over to pick it up.   

You know what?   My boxes never break open either.   No matter how heavy they are.   Just ask Miguel he’ll tell you.

Ibuprofen didn’t even begin to help him.   It’s at this point that sheer determination, stubbornness & fear of failure of completing the mission sent straight from the bowels of hell kicks in & you just do it.

True love, honor & devotion are very underrated & misunderstood gifts you know.   It’s the living hell I just described & how each person namely my husband as I was beyond help & rescue on this night, but it’s how he handled the situation that once again reminds me of the love, devotion & appreciation that not only I have for him but that he has for me and our beloved mistfit family unit of many….. Personally I would have cut me and left me for dead.     I would have.  Ask Miguel; he’ll say it’s true.

This is just one of many reasons I know he’s ‘the one’ for me…..  With time you will also ask yourself the same question:  Man this woman is a walking magnet for disaster dude what are you doing????; run man run!   Trust me I know I have the same thoughts myself yet he keeps coming home to me night after night…….  It truly boggles the mind.

Flash forward & hell only knows how we managed to get the entire rental cleaned out, moved into & packed to the hilt the huge rental storage space in which the door of it would barely close, roll up into the extended stay hotel, successfully check in to our two rooms & find the items we needed for the night in our new closet (Okay. So Miguel found our stuff) & garage aka: our traveling Uhaul hitch trailer strapped to Miguels pickup truck, unpack & get settled in all 8 of our furry beloveds who were by this time basket cases ; yet exhausted due to the move.     I will truthfully never know.   Yet we did it.

We did it.  We all stayed together with no causalities and we did so as the fireworks at midnight began to sound and spray the sky with their comforting burst of colors as I sat sick & exhausted as hell in our Tahoe & Miguel walked up to the drivers side door of it that housed all 9 of us after getting us checked in & obtaining the keys & said to me:  Baby……We’re home……

It was home & it felt like home even though I had never been there before. 

And I’d never been so grateful to have a safe place to lay our heads, aching, battered & bruised bodies & all under one united roof.  


So, it’s at this time of year as we approach our 1 year anniversary marking the milestone that is the purchase of our very own home together & despite everything I look back at all of it and can’t help but feel overwhelming gratitude for having  had gone through it ALL, the good, bad & the ugly & yet still managed to emerge on the other side.   Together.

My husband also wasn’t my husband this time last year now that I think about it…. Miguel married me quite some time after this trip through Wonderland & all that diarrhea & puke that you just can’t hide from someone when sharing a hotel room.   Wow.   Now that’s profound.   See what I mean, the blessings keep rollin in.

BLESSINGS.........  They come in all sizes, shapes & forms......

They come in all sizes, shapes & forms……

Miguel would end up getting food poisoning on the second night at our home away from home….. 

Unfortunately I am the one who apparently did it to him & he’s sticking to his side of the story as I just had to cook a homemade meal for us after eating take out so much leading up to the move…..   I didn’t get sick from the food but he sure as hell did.    And it’s at this time that he became violently ill just like I had been.  The blessing in this was that we now had 2 toilets due to the 2 rooms.  And plenty of TP.

It’s the little things in life that count.  Never underestimate the blessings that 2 toilets & an endless supply of toilet paper can provide.

All 10 of us are still together too only this year we’re all staying home for the holidays…..


This delightful creation is the sole property of Jana Leigh Thomas~Ortega, http://www.theartofthisnthat.com & http://www.theartofthisnthat.wordpress.com.  Prior written consent by the author must be obtained in order to use/reproduce its content; either in its entirety or lil tidbits.  Kthanksgottagobye! 😉

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